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The Daisy Appeal improves the survival chances of thousands of people each year and gives all of our patients and their families a brighter future, primarily in East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, but increasingly further afield too. The Daisy Appeal exists to benefit patients with providing facilities for the NHS to provide accurate results, earlier diagnosis and faster treatment.



Cancer is the leading cause of death in Hull & East Yorkshire. 1 in 3 people will develop Cancer. Cancer survival can be improved by earlier and more accurate detection, which is one of things that the research we fund aims to do.

Heart Disease

Heart Disease is a leading cause of death in the local area. 1 in 4 people will develop Heart Disease. 1 in 5 will die from heart failure. Improving survival requires earlier detection and precise treatment giving patients a chance to change their lifestyle and improve their quality of life.


Dementia is an increasingly common disease. Sufferers and their families have to face the consequences every day of their lives. Earlier detection will give better recognition and targeted treatment, making the final years of life more bearable.

How we help tackle these diseases

Through the facilities we’ve funded, we provide scanning services and the scanners themselves. The new Jack Brignall PET-CT scanning centre at Castle Hill Hospital provides the new radio tracers for the scanning of heart disease and dementia patients, and we continue to provide new and pioneering cancer scans.

We provide radioactive tracers for injection into patients before they are scanned in the Jack Brignall PET-CT centre. Tracers are produced within our new building.

We’re constantly evolving and improving the processes, and more research is taking place at the University of Hull and at Castle Hill. This research is ground breaking and award winning by Prof. Steve Archibald. 

 You probably know someone who is suffering from one of these diseases. Help us to help them live their life to the fullest.

People stories

Watch real stories from local people who have been through tough times, but who have come out of the other side thanks to the help of the Daisy Appeal. Every pound you give to us helps speed up life-saving cancer, heart disease and dementia diagnosis through the best scanners and scanning facilities, bringing faster, more accurate treatments to people who need them. Every patient has their own individual journey.

About Us

Nicky’s story

At the age of 32, Nicky had a malignant tumour around a facial nerve and went through a year of painful and invasive examinations to get to her eventual diagnosis. Had the Daisy Scanner been available at the time, it could have given her a faster diagnosis and treatment.

“What the Daisy Appeal are doing is massively important because they’re saving people’s lives. By donating or fundraising, you could be the one to save someone’s life. The Daisy Appeal funds the scanners and scanning facilities that helps give patients a faster diagnosis which means that other people won’t have to go through what I went through.”

About Us

Steve’s story

After initially suffering from a sore throat and a cough, Steve ended up being diagnosed with cancer of the tonsils, mouth and throat. He visited the Daisy Appeal-funded Jack Brignall PET-CT Centre many times. Steve says that a big part of his successful treatment was down to early diagnosis provided by the best equipment funded by the Daisy Appeal.

“I’d like to thank everybody at the Daisy Appeal for helping me come through this. You never know if and when something like cancer, heart disease or dementia is going to affect you or your family. Please donate today for local people in the local area.”

About Us

Andrew’s story

Andrew’s Dad found out he had heart problems at the young age of 36. A couple of years later he underwent major surgery at Castle Hill Hospital to have a quadruple bypass before he sadly passed away. Since then, Andrew and his family have kept his Dad’s memory alive by supporting The Daisy Appeal through fundraising including charity football matches and bike rides. Andrew is looking to do new things in the future to raise funds for the Daisy Appeal.

“The reason why Daisy Appeal is important to me and other families like mine are because of the connections it has to local people in North Lincs and Hull. It's a local charity that funds vital research and equipment to help patients with cancer, heart disease and dementia with the region's first permanent PET-CT scanner.”

About Us

Katie’s story

When you don't know what's wrong with you or even if anything is wrong with you, it's one of the worst feelings. This was what happened in Katie’s case when she found a lump and went to see her GP. Her first and second tests came back inconclusive. It took three tests before Katie found out she had cancer. With the help of the Daisy Scanner all of that wasted time can now be minimised, so a treatment plan can begin much faster.

“After months of waiting, it was really hard to take for me and my family. My biggest fear was the cancer coming back, but now knowing I'll be tested at the best scanning centre in the country is reassuring and for anyone who's going through what I've been through it should be a huge comfort.”