How you can help us fundraise

Want to raise money to support the Daisy Appeal, but not sure where to start?

Whether you’re a first timer or regular fundraiser, a school, businesses or group of friends we all need a little inspiration sometimes and there are loads ways that you can help! 

You may wish to use your expertise and help with things that you are good at, or maybe try something completely new. Either way, we will give you as much support as you need! Whatever ways you choose to help us, you can fundraise your way at your own pace. Every little thing you do helps us reach our target faster.

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JustGiving is one of the world's most trusted platforms for online giving that last year helped us raise around 3% of our target.

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Help support the Daisy Appeal when you sell items on eBay.

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Donating by post

You can also download and return one of the following forms to us by donating by post

Visit our online fundraising store.

All of our Daisy branded merchandise and clothing to show how much you care about the Daisy Appeal or to get prepared for a successful Daisy Appeal-themed event. Proceeds made from our online shop help support the work we do and continue our life-saving initiatives.

Here’s some great ways to fundraise

Host a quiz

The pub, village hall, local sports centre and your best mate’s garden are all venues suitable for hosting a quiz. Decide what’s the best option for you and get working on those questions. Will the theme change by rounds or will your quiz be more niche, with all questions specific to a particular band, film or book? You host the night and guests pay to play. Simple concept... but the questions don’t have to be!

Attention-grabbing fundraising

Minimal cost, yet spectacular returns are possible if you can identify something that will attract a lot of attention, e.g. abseils, runs, walks, keep fit, vehicle pulls, and more. Fun is a big incentive for people to get involved but you could also reach out to local businesses and ask them to donate a prize. They’ll be helping a good cause and if your event gains press interest, they’ll also get exposure. Sponsor forms are available directly from us. You can create a JustGiving page to share with family friends and colleagues. Visit which makes it really easy to fundraise, and for your supporters to add in GiftAid to give us a further 25%.

Raffles & collections

Hold in busy areas – supermarkets, markets, shopping centres, and leisure centres. Make it different by choosing a theme, such as Valentine’s – chocolates, plants/flowers, cuddly toys, sparkling wine; Gardening, in the spring – pots of spring bulbs, tools, plants, seeds, gloves, pots; Easter – easter eggs, soft toys (bunnies, chicks, etc.); or Christmas – a visit from Santa, and everything themed around the festive season. Collections in public places will need a licence from the local council. Private land including supermarkets do not.

Kick your bad habits

We all have bad habits, some worse than others, but if you have a habit you want to kick, why not do it while fundraising? If your habit is costly, why not donate the money you save? Or if your habit causes more frustration to others than yourself, why not have people sponsor you? Over the years our supporters have raised money by giving up things like crisps, television, alcohol, chocolate, meat and smoking.

Auction your collection or skills

Do you have a well-stocked record collection you're willing to let go of for a good cause? Or the contacts to get your hands on some sought after sports memorabilia? Then an auction could be the charity fundraising activity for you. You could even make your auction a more casual affair by auctioning off your skill-set, washing up for a month, anyone?!

Super sweepstakes

Want a way to fundraise for us quickly? A sweepstake could be the perfect way for you to raise money. You have one question, for example, 'How many sweets in the jar?' and people pay to be given an answer. Whoever has the winning answer gets a prize, while you donate the money raised. We have a sweepstake poster available for free to make this super easy to organise.

Try an organised event

Daisy Appeal is pleased to be a charity partner with Global Adventure Challenges a challenge event company dedicated to creating life-changing challenge events for groups and individuals, who wish to raise funds for their chosen charity. Global provide charity challenges for those who are seeking adventure, whilst contributing to a worthy cause.

Virtual quizzes & events

We all understand the importance of social distancing to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community. But we are social creatures and staying apart can be really hard. It also makes face-to-face fundraising that much more difficult. We want to overcome the downsides of social distancing by finding ways to bring people together online – for fun, for friendship and of course, for fundraising. From virtual quizzes to online events – they’re a great way to help us raise money even when normal life is disrupted.