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Support the Daisy Appeal by selling on eBay Charity


Backers of the Daisy Appeal can support as they sell after the charity set up its own page on the eBay charity site.

The Daisy Appeal can sell its own expanding range of merchandise and supporters can also make a donation to the charity as they sell their own goods on the site, whether they are new products from a retailer’s online outlet or used items looking for a new home.

Claire Levy, Fundraiser of the Daisy Appeal, said:

eBay for Charity is a great way for people to support the Daisy Appeal by purchasing our official merchandise or by selling their own things on our behalf.

It’s basically a virtual charity shop and we hope it will attract a lot of activity at a time when circumstances are making it difficult to sell through traditional outlets. People can now choose us as their charity if they’d like to sell on eBay either in total or as a donation and people can select us at checkout to make a donation.

Any eBay seller will be able to donate to our charity and we'll receive fee credits when we sell an item. All listings that benefit the Daisy Appeal charity will be marked with the eBay for Charity ribbon and the Daisy Appeal logo.

To find out more about how to support the Daisy Appeal on eBay for Charity please visit bit.ly/DaisyEbayforCharity

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